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Daniel Copitch

Magnetorotational Hypernova (2021) - 122 x 91cm, acrylic on canvas

Magnetorotational Hypernova (2021) - 122 x 91cm, acrylic on canvas

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The prevalence of geometry found in nature suggests that there may be some underlying mathematical principles that govern the structure of the natural world. This painting, made up of cubes in space, is an extreme oversimplification of a magneto-rotational hypernova. They aren't fully understood, but are considered some of the most powerful events in the universe, and can release as much energy as a billion suns. Ironically, this artwork is made of particles also found in space.  

By Daniel Copitch for Decopica

The collection are a sum of moments taken at varying scales, some impressionist, with others veering towards abstract surrealist technique. Pieces are heavily layered using a process driven approach, the outcome being a product of continual exploration and experimentation. 

122 x 91cm, Acrylic on Canvas.


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