About Decopica

Decopica is a creative studio established by Daniel Copitch.

Born and raised in the UK, Daniel is an artist, architect and designer with an experimental attitude to his work and a strong appreciation for process. Having worked in three of the world's continents alongside some of the most recognised and influential people in architecture, his art is fundamentally informed by the interconnectivity of nature and our surroundings.



Daniel began his journey as an aspiring artist at a young age. Consistent dedication to the field culminating in a foundation degree in design and applied arts enabled his continued creative exploration. Daniel then undertook both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in architecture, at the University of Portsmouth and University of Bath respectively. Daniel began producing artwork in a more meaningful way following his formal registration as an architect in the UK.

Inspired by science, nature and philosophy, he has spent time working in Vienna, Hong Kong, Santiago and London in search of cultural and creative insight.

At present, much of Daniel's work is in print, with numerous large-format paintings produced in his preferred medium, acrylic on canvas. In addition to Decopica, he is currently represented by international art agency, Artiq.

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