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Daniel Copitch

Light Years After (2022) - 122 x 91cm, acrylic on canvas

Light Years After (2022) - 122 x 91cm, acrylic on canvas

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‘Light Years Before’ and ‘Light Years After’ were conceived as a duo, and are therefore relative to each other. Ironically, they depict two moments in time relative to each other, also relative to the surrounding universe. Light years before what? Light years after what? The human race are yet to comprehend the beginning of time. Humans also conceive of time as linear, and as such, Light Years Before indicates less spherical flying forms than that of Light Years After. 

Detailed foreground forms comprise colours from surrounding, smaller forms found in both pieces. This suggests that all forms are made from the same materials. Humans, birds and trees are all made from materials found in the wider universe; these works represent that we are everything.   

By Daniel Copitch for Decopica

The collection are a sum of moments taken at varying scales, some impressionist, with others veering towards abstract surrealist technique. Pieces are heavily layered using a process driven approach, the outcome being a product of continual exploration and experimentation. 

122 x 91cm, Acrylic on Canvas.


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