Pixilation: Featured Collection

Pixilation: Featured Collection

 So, what inspired this collection?

The capitalist world we now live in. I find it intriguing and troubling in equal measure.

At one point I found myself thinking about how odd it is that we are so caught up in how much resolution our television display has. I guess my work has become a metaphor for this, alongside other oddities found in everyday life nowadays.

The pop art movement is also an obvious inspiration, being a 20th century vehicle for commentary on cultural evolution. How mundane is a tin of Campbell’s soup – it was (and still is) one of many everyday objects humans have committed to producing in vast quantities. We have only gone further along the path of mass-production since Warhol’s statement in the 60s.

How has this fueled the collection?

This thought process has slowly evolved into the manipulation of high resolution imagery. I don’t want to present the most pixels, because that’s everywhere in photography – this is a statement on the value of art against things like photos or exact replicas, and furthermore against everyday objects. Art isn’t about the best resolution, it’s a message.

My low definition work is conceptually mocking the ‘high resolution war’ capitalist industry competes in, whilst nudging the viewer into being present, and reminding them how impressive their crystal clear eyesight really is.

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