The Deopica Brand

The Deopica Brand


For the past two years Decopica artwork has predominantly been curated under various artist aliases. Until now, this has been a necessary result of contractual obligations from artist to organisation within the wider creative industry. 

Going forward, these contractual obligations are no longer of significance to the Decopica brand. Print and painting collections will therefore, now be grouped under collections produced by UK artist, Daniel Copitch.  

Born and raised in the UK, Daniel is also an architect, product designer and electronic music producer with an experimental attitude to his work and a strong appreciation for process. Having worked in three of the world's continents alongside some of the most recognised and influential people in architecture, his art is fundamentally informed by the interconnectivity of nature and our surroundings.  

We hope you share our excitement for Decopica art, by Daniel Copitch - stay tuned! 


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